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Pacific Poly Gut Blend

The most popular string combination

Focused on playability, delivering the best of both worlds. Combining the benefits of natural gut and the performance of polyester. Poly Gut Blend offers a unique combination of ‘power’, ‘control’ and added durability. The #1 most popular string combination found in today’s professional tennis.

Power 4/5Control 5/5Comfort 4/5

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PACIFIC is known for inventing hybrid string combinations. Hybrid stringing consists of using different strings in the main and cross strings of a racket. Hybrid strings are gaining more & more popularity as players are looking for best characteristics of varying string qualities. By selecting different hybrid combinations of string, players can fine-tune the playability, comfort, durability, liveliness and control offered by the stringbed. For example, a hybrid string combination could use a durable string in the mains (e.g. polyester), while a natural gut or elastic synthetic string could be used in the cross strings to provide desired comfort and feel.

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