Pacific BXT X Force Pro No.1


A proven favorite on the Professional Tour

Boasting the heritage of numerous Grand Slam Titles to its credit. Ageless in design - the new PRO No.1 welcomes the return to start another chapter of proven success.

The personal racket choice of Marcos Baghdatis

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    213,5 €

    The established X Force Series means performance at the highest level of competition. The Racket Series favored by touring professionals – available to everyone. The X Force Series features rackets focused at players with established techniques seeking greater ‘feel’ and accuracy. The technical variations between models offered in the X Force Series, makes it easy for any serious players to find their own personal racket.

    Pacific BXT Basalt X TechnologyZeroTolerance.jpg
    The next generation of basalt fibers
    While nature is constantly evolving and changing, the elements of the earth remain consistent and reliable resources. Basalt fibers have been used since the late 1940’s. While originally ‘crude’ in their applications, they were recognized as having amazing potential in enhancing products.
    Zero Tolerance
    Assured highest quality and precision thanks to exclusive modern production processes, one example being: “Vacuum Technology”® for zero tolerance in production. This guarantees 100% the same and consistently produced rackets, delivering to you and your game perfect precision in racket specifications & racket quality.

    Precise Grip System
    Precise Grip System
    Pacific's new PGS – Precision Grip System provides the most precise and technical way to insure exact grip specifications. A 100% accurate handle delivers precise feedback for your best performance!
    Length685 mm
    Wieght (g)305
    String Pattern16/20
    Swing Style Index6.2