Pacific BXT X Fast Team 1.45


Serious Performance With F.A.S.T. Attitude!

The junior version of the X Fast PRO - developed exclusively for the aggressive hard-hitting younger player seeking all the performance benefits of the adult version. Ample power is provided by the: F.A.S.T. Technology, plus with a focus on comfort and greater maneuverability, are the major benefits. The X Fast Team is the perfect racket for younger players not quite ready for an adult sized frame, yet seek the same quality & performance that their game deserves today!

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    81,9 €


    109,9 €

    Technology for beginning players combined in a ‘cool’ and trendy package.
    Look your best, play your best!
    A younger player doesn’t need a racket that is just a lighter & shorter version - they need equipment specifically designed for their needs of today. X Force Team and Finesse Team, are rackets created exclusively to best suit the performance of the younger player – allowing them to improve their game today with the focus to become tomorrows serious adult player. Comfort, arm-protection, and easy of play are the main design functions found in these models.
    Length660 mm / 26"
    Wieght (g)245
    String Pattern16/20