Crew Iridium - Blue Navy

Available also in Iridium colors: Fluo Lime, Orange Fluo, Fire Red, Carbon Black, Glossy White.

Collection "brilliant mood". Crews designed to give comfort and technical, ideal requirements in tennis practice. The tissue counteracts the action of UV rays, antistatic and perfectly breathable. The fit cut lends an informal and cool style.

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23,5 €


25,5 €

Data sheet

Brand TTK
Tennis Teknology REFRIMAX
Fabric 100% Poliestere
Collection New Style 2017
Product Line Iridium
Overall Fit Regular
Uniform Shirt + Shorts

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REFRIMAX 100% polyester in brilliant shades with contrasting color logo. The REFRIMAX fabric for its high quality of lightness and breathability, keeps you cool and dry even in situations of intense heat. The elasticity of the polyester fibers gives excellent dexterity and a pleasant softness of TTK clothing.

Inspiration: It is the most rare element throughout the Earth's crust. According to some important scientific studies, the metal would be extraterrestrial origin. It takes its name from the Latin word iris (iris, rainbow), because many of its salts are highly colored.